Aluminum railings in a block of flats in El Masnou near Barcelona


Aluminum railings in El Masnou


Railings metal shaped


Example of vertical bar railing

Work done in the beautiful coastal town of El Masnou, a few kilometers from Barcelona. It consisted in the manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum railings in the white lacquered finish, manufactured in the model of vertical bars, installed in a block of flats at the first line of the sea. It should be noted that the ideal in this case would have been to manufacture the railings in stainless steel or anodized aluminum, since the saltpetre of the sea can deteriorate the lacquered aluminum over the years, which is not the case with the above mentioned materials, our Customer asked us to work on this finish and we did. The balconies of the floors had characteristic shapes on the intermediate floors, so we had to adapt our rails to those shapes. The handrails were anchored by the side and bottom parts with stainless steel threaded rod adhered with chemical taco to increase its durability and efficiency. In carrying out this work, from its manufacture in workshop to its final installation, we took 4 full days of 4 workers and did not involve any added difficulty.

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