Aluminum exterior cabinet in lacquered textured wood finish installed in El Baix Llobregat near Barcelona


Outdoor aluminum cabinet


Texturized aluminum cabinet

Work done in the area of El Baix Llobregat, very close to Barcelona. It consisted in the manufacture and installation of a custom-made exterior cabinet, in the finish of imitation wood textured lacquered aluminum, which has all the little maintenance of an aluminum cabinet and the presence and warmth of the wood. In this case we made the custom cabinet to suit the client, adapting to their needs and practicality. This structure was made with the Stilo-50 series and the A-70 series of the manufacturer Alugom, with matt butylated laminated glass, and also with sandwich plate in the blind panels. The side and bottom seals were sealed with polyurethane foam and neutral silicone to improve their efficiency and tightness. This work was installed in a day of work by 3 operators. For more information contact us.

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