25 January, 2021

The kitchen of your dreams can become a reality thanks to our guide

The kitchen is one of our main projects when it comes to improving our home, many owners long for a large open space for cooking that […]
16 January, 2021

Discover why you should install some Mallorquinas in your home

Today we are going to explain the advantages of Majorcan windows and why they are in fashion, they bring a traditional and very elegant touch to […]
30 December, 2020

Everything you need to know about bath screens

Whether it’s a hot shower on a winter morning to take the chill off your shoulders, a short but sweet shower after your Monday morning jog, […]
15 December, 2020

How to reduce energy consumption in the home

Were you aware that Spain is the fourth European country with the highest electricity prices? Over the years, energy consumption has increased proportionally. Modernity, technology, new […]
30 November, 2020

The importance of focusing on thermal bridges

If you have been in the construction industry, you probably know the term thermal bridge, also known as cold bridges or heat bridges. In an airtight […]
23 November, 2020

Why always choose aluminium over PVC

What are the main differences between aluminium and PVC that you should consider? It can be said that aluminium has outperformed PVC in the benefits and […]
11 November, 2020

The importance of good electrical installation

Electrical installations are a combination of equipment and materials that make it possible to distribute and conduct electrical energy from the connection areas of the supply […]
9 November, 2020

Give more life to your garden with a Pergola

Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of life and your outdoor home? Do you want to make a change to your terrace […]
6 November, 2020

The Japanese panel; arrives to the West bringing its benefits

In Japanese architecture there is a type of traditional door that functions as a divider of spaces. The so-called shōji style doors, open by sliding in […]
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