25 May, 2020

Offer for a limited period in Ponsico Aluminum Carpentry

The economic crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus is ongoing. Its effects are becoming increasingly visible in all sectors of activity. In ponsico aluminum carpentry we are not ignorant of this situation
19 May, 2020
aluminum finishes

How the main finishes of aluminum profiles are made; anodized, lacquered, wood effect.

Currently there are many possibilities of decoration. Years ago it was only possible to provide the metallic silver tone to doors, windows and enclosures, today there is a wide variety of finishes and shades for you to choose the one that best suits the decoration of your home. These types of finishes can be used for all types of enclosures, from windows and doors to mosquito nets and blinds.
12 May, 2020

Safety Glasses

We generally associate safety as a synonym for protection, which relates directly to glasses of which their properties are difficult to pass on by impacts, whether objects or people.
9 May, 2020

Pequeñas reformas para transformar tu hogar en un lugar acogedor y eficiente

En este artículo te explicamos como con una pequeña reforma puedes conseguir un hogar mucho más eficiente y en el que se ahorra energía. El tiempo […]
5 May, 2020

Tempered SafetyGlass Protective Screen

This new kit consists of aluminum profiles, in which the profiles are clipped together, which makes the set is very consistent in the union of their […]
21 April, 2020

Transparent Protection Screens

From PONSICO we are working to adapt to the new situation we are living due to the COVID-19, that is why we have new projects in […]
15 April, 2020

Save on energy consumption at home with our recommendation

In these times we often do not stop to pay attention to small details, this is also true for the energy consumption we make at home. […]
25 February, 2020

The importance of having an energy certification on the windows of your home

What’s the price to register a new contract with a light company? Energy bills have become a concern for families. Gas and electricity are already a […]
3 April, 2017

Features of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 smartphone made of ALUMINUM one-piece

In the last years we are seeing as the technological manufacturers of the first brands of smartphones and tablets, are leaving aside the type PVC plastic […]
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