Barcelona aluminium enclosure

28 July, 2021

Gallery enclosure

The main benefit of installing an aluminium enclosure in a gallery is that the house will have more usable space. However small it may be, this […]
26 July, 2021

Aluminium false ceiling

One of the biggest advantages when choosing to install a false aluminium ceiling is the almost infinite possibility of adding any type of design, so that […]
20 July, 2021

Lattice garden fence

If you are thinking of enclosing your property, you should know that aluminium fences are the best choice. Whatever the area you want to enclose, the […]
12 July, 2021

Aluminium roof

Aluminium ceilings or roofs are a versatile, reliable and above all economical solution to cover certain areas of your home. Because aluminium is such a lightweight […]
7 July, 2021

Do you have scratches on your aluminium door? This is of interest to you

As we all know, aluminium is a great material for anything we need, but being soft if you are not very careful, it can end up […]
21 June, 2021

Reasons to choose aluminium for your doors and windows

Doors and windows are one of the most important parts of any home. They define the character and appearance of a property, let in light and […]
11 June, 2021

Balcony with central sliding door

Many times we doubt what type of balcony will fit better in our home. That is why at Ponsico we want to make your life easier, […]
4 June, 2021

Awning installation

From Ponsico we are going to tell you the main advantages of installing an awning either at home or in a business. In this post we […]
2 June, 2021

Sliding balcony with two leaves in Barcelona

Installation of a white lacquered aluminium balcony, consisting of 2 sliding panels and 2 more fixed panels, from the A70 series by ALUGOM with 4/10/4 Climalit […]
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