Work performed

13 October, 2021

Stilo60 RPT enclosure

Enclosure composed of a white lacquered aluminum structure from Alugom’s STILO 60 RPT series with Climalit® 4-22-4 sgg Planitherm 4s® glass.
11 October, 2021

Steel roof tile

Aged tile-type steel roof with interior insulation of 3400x3500mm with front, side and rear finials, for exterior enclosure.
6 October, 2021

Installation of a red awning

Installing an awning is indispensable for protection against the sun’s rays, a correctly installed awning offers energy savings, thanks to less use of air conditioning. Awnings […]
4 October, 2021

Aluminium security railing

his work consisted of the manufacture and installation of a matt black lacquered aluminium handrail and an aluminium gate lacquered in the same colour, for a […]
29 September, 2021

Fixed roof skylight

Manufacture and installation of a fixed aluminium skylight, consisting of: White lacquered aluminium structure and matt acid-etched glass. Skylights are the perfect choice for natural light […]
27 September, 2021

Aluminium enclosure for a terrace

In order to gain more living space, the most practical solution is to install an aluminium enclosure. At PONSICO we always use high quality materials and […]
22 September, 2021

Mosquito nets and awning

With the installation of mosquito nets, made of aluminium as a whole and a very resistant PVC mesh, we will prevent the entry of annoying insects […]
20 September, 2021

Under stair enclosure cupboard

The perfect solution for those who want to have more storage space in their garden or terrace are the aluminium outdoor cabinets. The choice of aluminium […]
13 September, 2021

Sliding shower enclosure

This work consisted of the installation of a three-panel front screen, with a mechanism that allows two of the three panels to slide, which makes it […]
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