Work performed

13 May, 2022

Balcony with 2 leaves series 350EUR

Removal of wooden enclosure and installation of double-leaf tilt-and-turn balcony with climalit® 4-16-4 glass of the 350EUR. series in white lacquer.Their measurements are: 1330 x 2510mm.
10 May, 2022

Fixed-leaf windows with frosted laminated glass

Manufacture and installation of fixed panels with 3+3 matt laminated glass with 350EUR series aluminium profile in gloss white lacquer with 45mm lining. Its measurements are: […]
3 May, 2022

Balconies and windows with RPT and folding shutters

Balconies and windows with Climalit® 4-22-4 sunguard glass, low emission and solar control, with an aluminum profile with Thermal Bridge Break in white lacquer, with a […]
29 April, 2022

Exclusive cassette awning

Installation of exclusive cassette awning with invisible arms in white lacquer and brown acrylic fabric ref 841 manufactured by Navarrete. Its measurements are 4620x2800mm. Installing an […]
25 April, 2022

Sliding windows RPT for a warehouse in Barcelona

Manufacture and installation of windows and balcony doors with climalit® 4-12-4 sunguard glass of the SILVER 76 RPT Straight Crossing series in white lacquer, all of […]
20 April, 2022

Climalit glass structure

This work is composed of a structure with climalit 4/20/3+3 silence sunguard glass of the STILO 60 RPT series in white lacquer, with 45 mm lining […]
11 April, 2022

Two-wing sliding balcony

Manufacture and installation of a two-leaf sliding balcony with climalit glass 4 sunguard / 6 / 4+4 silence of the SILVER 70 series with straight cross […]
7 April, 2022

Vertical roll-up mosquito net

White vertical roll-up mosquito net installation. Dimensions 1190x1400mm.
5 April, 2022

Door with Climalit glass carglass new

Structure with Climalit® 4-12-4 carglass new from the 350 EUR series. in white lacquer, with 45 mm lining composed of: Fixed + opening door with one […]
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