Work performed

6 March, 2020

Local entrance door

Entrance door to a premises consisting of a fixed and a folding door with lock and push bar, in matte black lacquered aluminium and double transparent […]
6 March, 2020

Aluminium roof in kitchen

The aluminium ceiling is a practical solution when covering and embellishing false ceilings in bathrooms or kitchens. It does not wear out due to humidity like […]
6 March, 2020

Aluminium railings

Production and installation of white lacquered aluminium railings on different balconies in the city of Barcelona. The anchorage of our railings is made with chemical cue […]
6 March, 2020

Interior separator

Interior separator made entirely of aluminum and glass with which to create different spaces and environments without the need for partitions or large works.
6 March, 2020

Gallery enclosure

Gallery enclosure in white lacquer and acid matt glass, a good option to give privacy to the space but let pass the clarity of the outside.
6 March, 2020

Shaped railing and continuous

Shaped and continuous black railing installation, made to measure, on a rooftop in Barcelona.
6 March, 2020

Interior courtyard enclosure

Installation of enclosure type hut made to measure in white lacquered aluminium, with double glass and drop ceiling.
6 March, 2020

Monoblock window

Installation of Monoblock windows with Alugom profiles and built-in blinds in place of the old windows. The Monoblock shutter system consists of a shutter and a […]
25 February, 2020

Local entrance and interior separators

Installation of interior partition for an office and the entrance to the premises in a matt black lacquered finish and double transparent glass.
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