12 July, 2022

Matt black lacquered tilt-and-turn windows

Two-leaf tilt-and-turn windows with Climalit® 4-12-4 glass from the 350 EUR series. in matt black standard lacquer with individual thermo-acoustic shutter register and thermo-acoustic silver aluminum […]
28 March, 2022

Door with matte acid Climalit glass striated gloss

One-leaf hinged door with 4-12-4 acid matte climalit glass with gloss striations from the 350 EUR series. in white lacquer, with 45 mm lining. Measurement: 720 […]
18 February, 2022

Sliding glass door with exterior panels

Sliding door with klein-type guide, in matt black lacquered aluminum and external panels in 5 mm transparent crystalline glass. This style of interior doors is made […]
9 December, 2021

Matt black lacquered balcony windows with cat flap adaptation

Two-leaf sliding balcony doors with Climalit® 4-12-4 sgg Planitherm 4s® glass from the SILVER 76 series Straight Cross in matt black lacquer. One of them with […]
3 December, 2021

3-pane sliding window with matt Climalit glass

Structure composed of a fixed upper part and a window with three sliding leaves in white lacquered aluminum from the SILVER 70 Straight Cross series with […]
26 October, 2021

Matte blue RAL exterior enclosure

Exterior enclosure made of Climalit®️ 4-22-4 Planitherm 4s®️ glass from the serious STILO 60 RPT in matt blue standard lacquer. Planitherm glass is a selective glass […]
6 March, 2020

Gallery enclosure

Gallery enclosure in white lacquer and acid matt glass, a good option to give privacy to the space but let pass the clarity of the outside.
25 February, 2020

Local entrance and interior separators

Installation of interior partition for an office and the entrance to the premises in a matt black lacquered finish and double transparent glass.
25 February, 2020

Acid Matte Glass

The acid matte glass is treated with acid, which achieves a surface that diffuses light and transforms the initial glass into translucent. Its use predominates in […]
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