30 July, 2021

Roof installation in Barcelona

Supply and installation of white lacquered aluminium canopy, perfect to protect the exit to the outside in case of rain, and helps to avoid the aging […]
4 January, 2021

Installation of a window overlooking the sea

Manufacture and installation of white lacquered aluminium window with opening. The opening windows have very high qualities of acoustic and thermal insulation due to the great […]
21 December, 2020

Opening of the wall with sliding doors and monoblock shutters

Wall opening and installation of sliding windows in white lacquer with monoblock shutter in the upper area and thermal insulation in the lower area.
10 December, 2020

Enclosure with tilt and turn windows and tile roof

Installation and manufacture of enclosure with tilt and turn windows, with acid matt chamber, in white lacquer, and tile type roof with thermal insulation.
4 November, 2020

Outside enclosure

Installation and manufacture of external enclosure, consisting of double transparent glass sliding doors and white lacquered aluminium profile and drop ceiling.
19 October, 2020

Crossbow grille in white lacquer

Installation of folding leaf grilles, together with a fixed grille in white lacquer. We increase safety without losing comfort.
16 October, 2020

Roof of reinforced glass

Installation of reinforced glass, with white lacquered aluminium profiles, for a washing machine room. Gaining more luminosity with perfect thermal insulation.
16 October, 2020

Replacement of an old wooden enclosure

Replacement of an old wooden enclosure with a white lacquered aluminium one, composed of: Two tilting windows, a balcony with openings and a shutter register.
9 April, 2020

Flagship door

Renovation of the terrace exit structure consisting of a folding door and two sliding windows. It isolates perfectly from cold and heat, thus giving a great […]
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