14 April, 2021

Aluminum Balcony in Barcelona

It is not easy to choose the profile of a balcony, because depending on your choice will be affected the acoustic, thermal and safety performance. That […]
12 April, 2021

Enclosure of a pergola

Having a terrace at home is an excellent option in all senses: having breakfast in the morning with the freshness of the morning, for meetings with […]
8 April, 2021

Balcony protection

If there are pets or children in the home, safety is of paramount importance, so balcony protection must be adequate for the enjoyment of the balcony. […]
6 April, 2021

Sliding balcony with motorised microventilation

A balcony window with a micro-ventilation system helps to maintain constant air circulation and saves money. This type of system can be applied to all types […]
29 March, 2021

Discover the heat leakage points in your home

Achieving maximum efficiency in a heating system depends not only on the type of equipment you choose, but also on how you use it. This means […]
26 March, 2021

Two-leaf balcony

Manufacture and installation of sliding balcony of two sheets of white lacquered aluminium, raised with a lift. The advantages of sliding balconies are mainly their type […]
24 March, 2021

Aluminum sliding window

Installation of a window composed of two fixed sashes in the upper part and two sliding sashes in the lower part, in white lacquered aluminum and […]
22 March, 2021

Tempered glass room divider

The separation of rooms at home helps to create spaces with their own personality. In this case we installed this glass room divider between kitchen and […]
19 March, 2021

Arched window

Normally we tend to think that the shape of windows should be square or rectangular, but there are as many shapes as you can imagine. In […]
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