Outdoor cabinet type shed in the courtyard of an apartment near Tarragona

Outdoor Enclosure type booth

Outdoor enclosure as cabinet

Work done in the courtyard of an apartment in the village of Cunit, near Tarragona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of an aluminium external enclosure type house-made. To create this structure the materials used Stilo-50 and A-70 series on white lacquer finish with glass chamber 4/12 / New Carglas and use for the roof tile steel panel with thermal insulation type. As we see in the first picture, the roof also covered a portion of the patio. At the entrance we put a handle lockable to protect the inside of it. The joints were sealed with polyurethane foam and silicone neutral white color. This type of enclosures help maximize space patios or terraces. This work was completed on March 1 workers, and did not involve any additional difficulty was expected.

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