Glass divission in Barcelona

Structure made only of glass and stainless steel U

Structure made only of glass and stainless steel U

Division glass counter in a market downtown Barcelona. This work was to modify the typical market stop in a store window type, where the client could store genre while I could show. As we can see in the picture, we installed two square shaped glass between them and sealed with stainless steel straps hills to the ceiling. The glass laminates were 10 +10, ie two 10 mm glass bonded with a layer of butyl inwardly, which gives security in the event of rupture and which prevents collapse. The biggest glass weighed about 200 kg, which was downloaded with a transport truck boom, and was later placed in the hollow four operators. The contour profile of the window was formed by a U-shaped profile of stainless steel, which provides strength and lack of maintenance over the years. The windows were sealed with silicone of high quality transparent neutral. In the picture we can see the difference from one stop to another, before and after the reform. We can accommodate any request as long as feasible, without obligation see your idea and we will try to materialize.

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