Home automation for home with Somfy RTS automation, move awnings, blinds and curtains from your smartphone, tablet or PC wherever you are, from the palm of your hand.

Move blinds, shutters and curtains from your mobile.

Home automation for home with Somfy RTS

If you have electric motors Somfy RTS at home or are thinking of installing them in the near future, it is possible to synchronize with a computer connected directly to its network of domestic Internet device to be operated from anywhere countless electrical appliances or use everyday that we have in our house, such as awnings, blinds, curtains, appliances, lights, water, gas, doors, windows, etc. Said apparatus the signal output from our smartphone, tablet or PC works codifying, having previously downloaded the Tahoma by Somfy of Apple Appstore or Play Store Android application, to send our household appliances to be operated at the time, or randomly with time programming. In PONSICO.COM we are installers of the Somfy brand for over 35 years, we know and we apply the latest we think is the best in the industry motorization of awnings, blinds and curtains. Never been easier to operate all mechanisms of our home since our Iphone, Galaxy or Xperia, among others, both smartphones, tablets and computers, from the palm of our hand and instantly. Contact Us to know prices and availability of this product.

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