Dividing structure within a housing made ​​of aluminum and glass at Barcelona

Aluminum division in a room of a house

Aluminum division in a room of a house

Work done on a house in the district of Sant Gervasi. In one of the upper rooms the customer needed to close a ticket to it, and that led directly to the stairs. Recreational put a concrete partition or aluminum division, he chose the latter. The advantages are that we need not do great works to close this room, most of natural light from outside is used as it is mainly composed of glass and is benefited economically with respect to the partition of work. This structure was formed by the Stilo-50 and A-70 series, which combine well as frames have the same depth. It was made ​​with white lacquer finish and a transparent laminated glass 3+3, which provides security in case of breakage, since your inner sheet prevents the collapse thereof. We use narrow frames of 43mm depth not to reduce excess space in the room. The door handles make it with two-sided key lock and internal opening. Against the wall joints were sealed with paintable white caulk, and contour of fixed glass on the right side with neutral silicone black color. We can manufacture any size structures and adapt to any shape or size, and elaborate finishes with a taste of each client. This work was installed by three workers in a morning’s work, and did not involve any extra difficulty. Consult us for prices or any questions you may have, we will be without compromise.

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