Manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum doors lacquered wood finish textured pattern Pine Knot, mounted in El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona.

Gateway before being assembled

Gateway after being installed

Upper doors and entrance installed

Sample profile lacquered wood textured type Pine Knot

Work done in a house in the village of El Prat de Llobregat, a few minutes from Barcelona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of two aluminium openable double doors on the first floor of the house, in the lacquered finish aged Pine Knot textured, made with the Stilo-50 RPT series, and glass chamber with treatment Guardian Sun and laminated glass butylado acoustic. We also installed the front door to the house, made of the same series and the same finish, but this with blind plate to both sides with the same lacquered wood Pine Knot textured, armored panel and lockable with bowler hat and safety multipoint lock. The fittings were three doors in stainless silver, both the hinges and knobs and handles. The wood textured lacquer finish is very similar to natural wood, both sight and touch, and is a very elegant finish to dress our homes with a rustic style. Contact us for more information.

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