Manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum roofing, steel and glass in a courtyard of a house in Barcelona

Composed white lacquered sliding doors

Enclosure type shed outside in a courtyard of a house

Enclosure during installation

Rustic Steel Tile Roof type with thermal insulation

Work done on a house in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu de Palomar in Barcelona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of a aluminium  type enclosure shed to house a gym in the inner courtyard of the house. We used A70 series to build the two side sliding three leaves in three lanes, white lacquered glass chamber with treatment Guardian Sun. As we can see in the pictures at the top of the enclosure placed a steel roof tile type Rustic, which incorporates thermal and acoustic insulation to insulate more efficiently abroad. The joints were finished with polyurethane foam sheet lined with the same color and sealed with neutral silicone. The work was finished in a day for three workers and did not involve any unforeseen added. Contact us if you want to know an evaluation of the enclosure that may be of interest.

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