Manufacture and assembly of iron outdoor staircase handrail glass

Material used for work

Electric welding

First base finished

First base anchored wall

Second upper base anchored

Union of the two bases with UPN

Welding the rungs on the UPN

Stairway to lack of rail

Glazing railing

Glass staircase failing to finish

Work done on a house on the outskirts of Barcelona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of an external staircase made of iron, painted in black wrought iron and glass railing. The material was cut, welded and painted in the same building, so that it can adapt better about the gap existing facade. As we use a non-slip treads religas. The wall anchor was based chemical block, which gives complete security and confidence in these cases. Almost the entire structure was made with beams UPN type 20 cms, with which we produce the two bases and sides which were welded rungs. Clear glass laminates finally settled 6 + 6 as a safety railing, on the side facing the vacuum and lining the sides of the upper and lower bases. This work took 2 full days 4 workers. Contact us to obtain a valuation without any obligation to you.

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