Gallery lacquered wood gilt glass chamber

Gallery lacquered wood near the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Gallery lacquered wood near the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Wood lacquered aluminum Gallery established in Barcelona in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia. This structure is made of the profiles of the Stilo-50 series Alugom manufacturer, whose money has a great acceptance in the market. It consists of a hinged windows on top with inverted bars, fixed glass at the bottom, in the central part casement windows and a side door out to the balcony at the end. The finish of these profiles is lacquered dark walnut wood, gold hardware also make the structure to beautify the final result. Glasses are 4-10-4 chamber, ie a glass of 4 mm on the outside, an air chamber inside 10 mm and 4 mm glass inside. In this paper we extracted the existing wooden frames since they were in bad condition, so light is gained to the structure and simplicity in their finishes, because placket adds 40 mm instead of 85 mm. When extracting old wooden frames polyurethane foam is injected around the new structure, in order to gain thermal, acoustic and consistency. Then the foam exterior is lined with aluminum sheet of the same color, in order to preserve the same, since the sun’s UV rays deteriorate. Normally this type of structures we usually take a day’s work of three workers. You can add both blinds and awnings to block out the sun efficiently, as well as bars on exit doors to balconies, terraces or patios, for extra security. For any further information, please contact us, we will respond without any compromise.

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