Bathroom screen stainless steel finish aluminum sliding angular bathtub with tempered glass for anti-lime in Barcelona

Angular bath screen

Angular bath screen

Work done in the neighborhood of Navas de Barcelona. It consisted of the installation of a bath screen above a bathtub, which previously had shower curtains. We installed a very used by us for their quality finish and reliability model. It is a model with two fixed glass on the sides and two sliding doors opening from the apex, which easily closed by a magnetic strip. The glasses were kind of transparent tempered with a special anti-lime treatment, which helps clean to remain for longer by sliding the water more easily. The edge of the screen was manufactured in polished anodized aluminum, which is very similar to stainless steel for its brilliance and hardness corrosion addition this type of finish highly reflective inside the tub, which is appreciated during the bath or shower. During installation we use metal detector to avoid drilling water pipes, and finally the screen is sealed with neutral silicone transparent color. Accessories can be selected to suit the client as the shooters, or a matt etched glass or screen printed in color, with prints standard or the customer. This work takes an hour and two workers did not represent any difficulty out of schedule.

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