Elevator loaded balcony door

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Sliding door balcony in Barcelona

Work done in the neighborhood of Barcelona Navas installation consisting of two sliding balcony doors with two leaves, white lacquered glass guardian sun 4/10/4 low emission, highly recommended due to energy savings it represents. The slide was formed by the s-76 grid, whose structure allows multipoint closure glass and a capacity above the average, in thickness and weight. This paper chose not to remove the old wooden frames, since that held outside a Majorcan who wanted to keep. As we see in the first picture, the glass sheets were loaded with an elevator to the ground, since they had bad turn for the stairs. This means we usually use when very heavy glass, very large in size or as is the case, bad housing affordability. The two balcony doors were installed by three operators in a morning of slaughter. For any queries please contact us, we will assist with no obligation.