Motorized Awnings synchronized each Somfy RTS in a courtyard of Barcelona

Synchronized automatic awnings rts somfy

Synchronized automatic awnings rts somfy

Awnings  aluminium chest automated and synchronized model each Somfy RTS technology. This job was to cover a patio in a house in Barcelona with awning retractable arms chest model, in order to keep the sun off the facades of the house. This model once collected awning helps protect the canvas and is widely used in places of limited access, since it extends the durability of it. In this case six awnings were installed at different heights in order to deliver between them once extended. Anchors to the wall were conducted with a chemical block instead of conventional studs, cement-like mixture that prevents the screw comes shifted outwards through use. We usually use this type of taco inconsistent walls in heavy canopies or carrying great force. Technology incorporated RTS (radio technology system) Somfy, which allows to be synchronized in groups, individually, all block, can also put wind sensors, light sensors or both, motion sensors, scheduling, etc.. They also allow, to put a predefined position in order to better adapt to the tastes of each client. It can be motorized blinds and curtains in the same house with the same technology, so you can sync everything a single command, allowing improve our quality of life. In PONSICO S.C.P. we have over 30 years installing Somfy motors, adapting to new developments in each generation, improvements to the customer and installer. For any questions or doubts, please contact us, we will respond without any compromise.

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