Sale and installation of Glass Curtains in Barcelona

Glass curtain on the terrace of a house

Glass curtain in the courtyard of a house

The Glass Curtain is a product widely used as both thermal and acoustic insulation on terraces, balconies or patios. It is a minimalist system simply consists of an upper and lower aluminium guide including 10 mm tempered glass security, transparent, dull areas or tinted solar control. The great advantage of this product is the absence of profiles between glass, thus improving the aesthetic to enjoy the panoramic views outside. Another advantage is that you can collect all the glass to the side and fold them book type and taking up very little space, with the possibility of making openings between glass slide to one side or another. Easily accessible for cleaning from both sides. Possibility of adding security locks to this system. Highly recommended for thermal or acoustic attenuation, although it should be noted that it is not as tight as a conventional sliding or folding door or window, or by the transmittance of the glass or by the tightness of their boards. It can be manufactured at a maximum height of 3200 mm and a width unlimited. Contract it from 270 euros per square meter including VAT and installation. For more information contact us.

Folded glass curtain

Glass curtain slid

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  1. Eva says:

    Necessito pressupost per la instal.lació de 2 mosquiteres.
    1) PORTA TERRAT (200cm/186cm
    2) PORTA FINESTRA (148cm/139cm)

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