Sliding glass as a separation or dispatch partition structure in offices in the district of Gracia in Barcelona

Division glass in an office

Starting the installation in the gap

Office division with safety glass

Fixed side glass already installed

Division matte and clear glass in offices

Glasses newly installed Office division

Work done in the Gracia district of Barcelona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of a division of office made with safety glass, two fixed and one sliding through a guide type “Klein” which opens laterally suspended without any guidance at the bottom. As shown in the photographs, on the right side we installed two fixed translucent laminated safety glass type 4 + 4 butylado matte, and on its left side the door, made with glass tempered 10mm with milling shooter. These glasses, to be of considerable thickness, helped acoustically isolate the room to facilitate work in this company. This task took a morning of work of three workers and did not involve more difficulties than expected. For more information contact us.

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