Armed translucent single or monolithic glass in the aluminum joinery PONSICO s.c.p. in Barcelona

Armed printed translucent glass

Armed printed translucent glass

Glass called Armed, is a single or monolithic glass, translucent type, ie, that lets clearly unable to see clearly through it. It is printed or engraved glass, giving it a roughness of both sides. This glass is 6 mm thick and has a weight of 16 kg per square meter. The Armed glass incorporates wire internally in order to not collapse in case of breakage, and has been used extensively in the past 30 years, skylights or sites possibility of breakage, it is the economic brother of laminated glass, which by a sheet internal butylo between two glasses perform the same function. It is advisable to install this type of glass walls facing the outside since it has a high thermal transmittance close to 90 %, ie, is inefficient. This is recommended to prepare glasses camera or Guardian Sun, with this type of glass or other, to multiply up to four efficiency. It is not recommended to shut out the noise, since the thickness of 6 mm only reduce 31 decibels, which incorporated an acoustic glass could reach 45 decibels without problems. In case of preparing a glass chamber with this glass type, will include etching inwardly thereof, so as to have two flat faces on its exterior for ease of cleaning.

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  1. Montse says:

    Necessito presupuesto para cristales armados de claraboya cuadriculados

    Cantidad : 2
    Medida : 1,43 X 49

    Cantidad : 3
    Medida : 1,43 X 59

    Espero su respuesta

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