Glasses Baldosilla type Walkable as a skylight installed in a house in Barcelona

Baldosilla pisable in a courtyard of a house

Skylight during assembly

Pisables glasses 18mm

Work done on a house in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi / La Bonanova in Barcelona. This task consisted in extracting some slats of wood type autoclave previously installed to house a 18-mm glass as a skylight, called Baldosilla walkable, to provide more natural light to the lower floor of the house. This type of glass is very robust in construction and comprises a slip engraving, is widely used in this type of work which seeks certainty and clarity. This job lasted a day of work used by three workers and did not involve any additional problem that we had not anticipated.

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  1. Paula says:

    Buenas tarde
    Quisiera saber un presupuesto paraun tragaluz para techo , de 3mts por 5 metros , puede ser de 3 partes o 6 de vidrio claro.gracias

    • Rubèn Ponsico says:

      Hola, es un tipo de trabajo que nosotros no realizamos, a no ser que tengamos el hueco hecho por un albañil y en ese caso si que podríamos realizarlo, un saludo.

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