Aluminium enclosure type shed outside terrace in Barcelona.

Enclosure type hut near Barcelona

Enclosure type hut near Barcelona

Enclosure type outdoor shed patio or deck installed near Barcelona, consisting of an aluminum series stilo -50 in terms of practicability and of the series to A-70 as the slide, with white lacquered finish. This also formed by interior glass paneled 4/10/4, ie a glass of 4 mm, an inner tube of 10 mm including panels, plus another 4 mm glass on its outside. As we can see in the picture there is a side composed of a white lacquered aluminum sheet sandwich, ie two aluminum sheets with extruded polystyrene inside, like getting an isolation chamber from a glass. The roof of this structure is formed by a sheet steel painted sandwich glass fiber inside which provides thermal and acoustic insulation, and provides the robustness and security of steel. This is a practical advantage when wasted square meters of a patio or deck gaining more space to our homes, a quality solution with durability. For any questions or more information please contact us, we will respond without compromise.

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