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The best thermo-acoustic against the cold and noise Channel 16 aluminum door or window of the moment in Barcelona

Work manufactured in our workshop and installed in Hospitalet de Llobregat. Our client told us that he had noise problems and we offered this type of window with a specific glass against noise as well as excellent thermal efficiency. In the Ral 7022 color finish we made the two practicable…

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Aluminum exterior cabinet in lacquered textured wood finish installed in El Baix Llobregat near Barcelona

Work done in the area of El Baix Llobregat, very close to Barcelona. It consisted in the manufacture and installation of a custom-made exterior cabinet, in the finish of imitation wood textured lacquered aluminum, which has all the little maintenance of an aluminum cabinet and the presence and warmth of…

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Awnings of invisible arms automatic model with Somfy RTS remote control technology installed in the neighborhood of El Camp de l’Arpa in Barcelona

Work done in the El Camp de l’Arpa neighborhood of Barcelona. It consisted of the installation of two awnings covering a total area of 24 square meters. These awnings were of the exclusive model, also called invisible arms, which do not need any support of any kind to be extended….

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Aluminum railings in a block of flats in El Masnou near Barcelona

Work done in the beautiful coastal town of El Masnou, a few kilometers from Barcelona. It consisted in the manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum railings in the white lacquered finish, manufactured in the model of vertical bars, installed in a block of flats at the first line of the…

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Features of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 smartphone made of ALUMINUM one-piece

In the last years we are seeing as the technological manufacturers of the first brands of smartphones and tablets, are leaving aside the type PVC plastic to incorporate the aluminum in the manufacture of the external body of its devices. Because aluminum is a more durable and high quality material,…

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Curved iron railing installed in the hollow of a spiral staircase in Barcelona

Work done in the neighborhood of La Sagrera in the district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona. It consisted in the manufacture and installation of a railing made of round iron tube curved in spiral to adapt it to the hollow of a spiral staircase. This tube was attached to the…

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New compounds kit accessories hidden hinges and concealed by the manufacturer handle Giesse

The Italian manufacturer of accessories for aluminum doors and windows, Giesse, just to market a set of hardware for doors and windows aluminum practicable model. It consists of a handle hidden box that allows work to create models both tilt and turn as practicable both with possibility of incorporating multipoint…

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Aluminum, source information, extraction, composition, recycling, advantages, features and qualities of one of the most used in the industry today materials.

This text will try to explain some interesting facts about one of the materials used in the industry for over 100 years. Aluminum is not a ferromagnetic metal chemical element is the third most common to be found in the earth’s crust, forming 8% of it. We need extraction of bauxite…

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Manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum doors and windows arc-shaped curved hinged white lacquered glass and camera type Guardian Sun in the neighborhood of Gracia in Barcelona

Work done on Passeig Sant Joan, in the district of Gracia in Barcelona. It involved in the manufacture and installation of two doors and two folding aluminum windows in white lacquered finish, with the Stilo-50 RPT series and glass 4/12/4 Guardian Sun. These pieces have the particularity that were curved…

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Manufacture, sale and installation of aluminum doors lacquered wood finish textured pattern Pine Knot, mounted in El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona.

Work done in a house in the village of El Prat de Llobregat, a few minutes from Barcelona. Involved in the manufacture and installation of two aluminium openable double doors on the first floor of the house, in the lacquered finish aged Pine Knot textured, made with the Stilo-50 RPT series,…

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