Rubèn Ponsico

29 January, 2013

Composition door mirror and dull areas patterned

Work in a house that was being renovated in Cabrils, near Barcelona. The client commissioned papers in this house, and this composition including door mirror and […]
29 January, 2013

Gallery lacquered wood gilt glass chamber

Wood lacquered aluminum Gallery established in Barcelona in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia. This structure is made of the profiles of the Stilo-50 series Alugom […]
29 January, 2013

Glass and stainless steel closing in elevator shaft in Barcelona

Enclosure of hoistway made ​​5 +5 laminated glass and stainless steel structure, made ​​up of stainless steel square tube 40×40 mm stainless steel U 20×20 mm. […]
28 January, 2013

Motorized Awnings synchronized each Somfy RTS in a courtyard of Barcelona

Awnings  aluminium chest automated and synchronized model each Somfy RTS technology. This job was to cover a patio in a house in Barcelona with awning retractable arms […]
28 January, 2013

Sliding Door in matte silver with safety glass

Door installed in a bar in Barcelona’s Gran Via, composed of a fixed side glass and a motorized sliding door motion sensors. Composed of an aluminum […]
28 January, 2013

4 sheet door installed in supermarket storehouse with anti-panic lock.

Door installed in the warehouse of a supermarket in the neighborhood of Guinardó of Barcelona. Earlier this local had installed a door which prevented opening out […]
28 January, 2013

Glass divission in Barcelona

Division glass counter in a market downtown Barcelona. This work was to modify the typical market stop in a store window type, where the client could […]
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